Custom Carpets

Your floor is a canvas.

With over 30 years of experience in large-scale carpet manufacturing, we're ideally positioned to work with you on your organisation’s next flooring project. Whether you’d like to start from scratch or rework our existing designs, we’re ready to turn your vision into reality.

World-Class Catalogue.

With a catalogue of over 150 design templates to start from, you’re bound to find the perfect combination for your distinct project.

All Details Considered.

Thanks to the latest pattern tufting technology, you can customise every detail of any design from our range.

Say It With Colour.

Select up to six colours in a single carpet for your custom pattern.

Measure Twice.

We offer electronic renderings for each concept. To help you be extra-sure, we also offer custom samples that can be placed in-situ.

Custom Carpet
Brochure Download

Download our brochure for technical specifications, minimum project requirements, and everything else you need to know to get the most from your custom project.

The Leonardo Hotel
Case Study

In collaboration with the Legacy Project Management team, Belgotex relished in taking design beyond the realm of flooring to explore the transformation of a wall space and embraced the idea of exploring design and flooring to flow into any area of a building, creating a masterpiece thus proving that art is not what you see but what you make others see.

The Steps
You complete and submit the query form below.
One of our sales representatives will check that your request meets our production requirements.
Once the factory approves your request, we assign a designer to your project.
We send a digital design to you for approval.
If approved, we make a physical sample for you to review.
If you approve the physical sample, we share the required production documents with you.
When we receive the completed documents, the factory begins manufacturing your carpet.

Custom Carpet
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